Love Well

Have you ever wondered why God allows things to go on like He does?

Why do bad things happen to good people?

Why the suffering of innocents all around us?

If God is real, loving, & powerful, why does He allow all this mess?

Why do some appear so blessed & others accursed?

When I look around the world.  When I stop to count my blessings.  When I seek to name all I can give thanks for.  I am staggered of just how blessed I am.  That God chose me.  That God loves me.  Due to no good on my own, but His sovereignty.

In response I feel a responsibility to do something.  To be something.  To love in a God powered, other centered, self sacrificing way.  To be like.  To love like.  Jesus.

Steve Saccone writes (Relational Intelligence p.18, italics added):

(God) could have chosen to give us extraordinary powers to heal the sick or help the paralyzed walk.  He could have given us the ability to bring sight to the blind, or even given us the ability to coerce people to believe in God.  He could have told us how to become super human in our talent or intellect.  But instead of teaching us to be loudest with our voices, Jesus invited us to be abundantly free with our love.  He didn't admonish us to dominate with power, but to bend a knee and serve others.  He didn't indulge the part of us that wants to rule, but instead appealed to our hearts & invited us to love well.  He didn't command us to force our opinion of truth on others, but to live out His truth with love in our lives.

As you celebrate Thanksgiving.  As you count your blessings.  Hear God's appeal to your heart.

Accept His invitation.

Love Him.

Love others.

Love well.