Forty observations on life celebrating my fortieth birthday. Some serious. Some not so much. You decide.

  1. Never cease to by amazed by God’s grace. Thank Him.
  2. Help. I need somebody. We all need help at times. Be willing.
  3. Friends are essential equipment for life well live. Be one.
  4. Mayonnaise tastes good. Especially on french fries. Try.
  5. Sleep is a gift. Don’t hate if you don’t have it.
  6. Crying is good. Joyful. Painful. Griefful. Let it out.
  7. Dr. Pepper really does make life taste better. 10-2-4.
  8. Laugh. Loud & often. Thank me later.
  9. Hair needs trimming. Nose & ear hairs with age. Agh!
  10. Be courageous. Your gut is right. Mostly.
  11. Chill. Too serious is too bad. Loosen up a little.
  12. Trust God. And others. Mystery makes you stronger.
  13. A day without peanut butter is not a day. Mmmm.
  14. Inspiration is essential. Search it out. Dream.
  15. Seasons change. Enjoy the difference.
  16. Eat more fruit & veggies. Ask my wife.
  17. Run. For your life.
  18. God gives grace to the humble. Be broken.
  19. Show your faith. Sacrifice.
  20. Growth is change for the better. Don’t die.
  21. Chocolate. Just as long as you have some in the house.
  22. Memories are priceless. Hold on.
  23. Patience. Its a virtue hard earned. Worth the wait.
  24. Be a kid. I act like I’m 6 (or 66). Ask my wife that one too.
  25. Give your heart. God says you’ll find Him.
  26. A lion’s roar. In the wild. Will surprise you.
  27. Forgiveness is the best gift. To give yourself too.
  28. Pain reminds us we’re human. Don’t curse. Thank God.
  29. Follow Jesus. The best decision you’ll ever make.
  30. We need a big God. Don’t limit him by your thinking. Or faith.
  31. Have passion. Live for something.
  32. Stretch your brain. Learn.
  33. Two words: Ice cream. Two more: Blue Bell.
  34. Comfort is a virtue. No matter what others say.
  35. Give. It’s best.
  36. Love with everything you’ve got. You can do it.
  37. Order is nice, but life is unpredictable. Be flexible.
  38. Treasure family. God gave you one another.
  39. Listen. You’ll learn things you never knew.
  40. Don’t tell your wife not to interrupt when writing your forty things. Trust me.