Re.  Not “regarding” or “concerning."

The prefix.  "Again, anew" or "back, backward."

Re is a good place to be.

Reborn in Christ.

Redeemed at the cost of his life.

Reflecting his glory.

Revived by the Holy Spirit.

Rekindled in passion.

Restored to right relationships.

Receiving gracious blessings.

Resurrection expectation ahead.

Re is a good place to be.


Yet.  Re can be not so good.

Repeating the same old sins.

Rejecting God’s Word.

Recalcitrant to authority.

Resisting the Holy Spirit.

Rebellious in the face of Sovereignty.

Refusing to surrender control.

Removed from Jesus' care.

Reduced to self-sufficiency.

Re like that.  Not so good.


As the church, those following Christ of any denomination in any location, we talk about & pray about revival.  We schedule dates for revival meetings.  But meetings & calendars do not make revival.  The Holy Spirit brings revival by visiting God’s people who are thoroughly surrendered to Him in a supernatural way.  Repentance from sin.  Release of hurts.  Return to Christ.  Relying on him.  Remaining in him.  These lead to revival.

What will you choose?

What will I choose?

To surrender & serve?

Or to rebel & run?

Pray for yourselves & others to be completely surrendered.  Be prepared for attacks against you, your family & your church family as you pray.  Attacks that will divide unity & distract focus from the real, deep work of God.

Yet.  Pray.  Seek.  Beseech.

Lord, send revival.

Let it begin with me.