Coffee Mug

A mug like this belongs to a friend.  A mug to use at work.  A mug to be a witness to others.  A mug that it is manly.  A mug with a message.

What he did not know was that the person who needed that message most.  Would be him.  His work is not what it was.  He may be forced to leave.  He may choose to leave.  He may relocate his family.

His heart aches for fulfillment at work.  His mind tosses with uncertainty for his family.  His spirit wrestles with faith for his soul.

He does not know what future God has planned.  He does not know how God will provide.  He does not know when his prayers will be answered.


He knows God has a plan.  He knows he can trust God to provide.  He knows God hears him when he prays.

He has a coffee mug.  A mug with a message.


What message does your mug need?  Post a comment.