No Regrets

We buried a friend yesterday.  A dear, godly man.  Like unto a saint.

Curious, inquisitive, life-long learner, gentlemanly, courteous, quick-witted, affable, gracious, congenial, patient, kind. Rich voice, gentle hands, hearty laugh.  Settled & secure in God's sovereign grace allowing him to be a portent for many.

"He didn't wear Christianity on his lapel, but on his life.  You just knew."

I'll miss Bill Long.  He blessed me.  More than words can say.

I love Bill Long.  A treasured friend.

I'll see him again.  Thanks be to God.

Hearing such rich remembrances of a gracious soul, I wish I'd have known him even better.  Spent more time. Asked more questions.  Sought greater depth.  A sapling sheltered by a giant.

Love well, Dear Friends.  Grow where you are planted.

Spend time.

Share life.




That you'd have no regrets.