The Rabbit

John Mark sat beside me during Easter Pageant rehearsal today.  Well, that's not terribly accurate.

John Mark wiggled, hollered, jumped, coughed, danced, squealed, laid down, rolled around, questioned, snuggled, played, spun circles & watched - at least a bit - while beside me in the pew during Easter Pageant rehearsal today.

He listened too.  When the crowd repeatedly cried out, "Give us Barabbas!  Give us Barabbas!"  My four year old who looked to be in his own world, looked me in the eye, and succinctly stated, "Yeah, they want the rabbit cuz its Easter time," and just as quickly returned to his above mentioned activities.

The rabbit.

Give us the rabbit.

I didn't correct him.

How could I?

How many times have I - in my own world - heard something other than the actual statement?

How many times have I jumped - at risk of harming others & myself - to the wrong conclusions because I heard my own thoughts & not the correct statements?

Beware the rabbit, My Friends.

It might jump out.

And get you.

Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak & slow to become angry.  James 1:19