By a Shirt

I was wearing my church monogrammed white polo shirt yesterday.  Southview Baptist Church.  Growing in... Love.  Thats my church.  Our tag line - I love what it says & means - could not be scaled to fit the monogram.  The tag line is our purpose statement: Growing in God's Life Changing Love.

So there I was going about my day.  Minding my own business.  Living life.  Cognizant of my need to grow in God's life changing love.  Really, I was.

When I was tempted.  Sorely tempted to sin.  Oh, doesn't the Devil know your buttons & how to push them?

Yet I thought, "I'm wearing my church shirt.  I can't give in to that sin.  Folks will know."  And, thanks to a monogram, I was saved from sin.  By a shirt.

What saves you from sinning?

Would the shirt you wear or the words you say keep you from falling to a given temptation?  

Have you considered that God knows everything no matter how well you think it's hidden?

How much grace does God have for you in spite of - because of - your sins?

Are you confident that Jesus has eternally saved you from your sins?  If not, will you contact me?