There is Joy

I am weary.  Yet joyful.

I am trusting.  And joyful.

I am broken.  Yet joyful.

I am thankful.  And joyful.

I am hurting.  Yet joyful.

I am prayerful.  And joyful.

There is joy.

There really is a joy that transcends circumstances.  A joy that - in the midst of tragedy - takes root.  Near unexplainable and completely palpable.  A joy that grows deep & spreads wide.  Fills the empty places in a grieving heart full of questions.

We buried the body of the heavenborn child of dear friends today.  Friends grown dearer through this shared experience.  It was hard.  So hard.  It hurts.  So deep.

But at the same time there is joy.  

Joy, hearing the unashamed, unassailable faith of this young couple.

Joy, witnessing their incredible, supernatural strength.

Joy, trusting the providence of our Loving Father.

Joy, knowing that this dear child is already living in Glory.

Joy, anticipating a heavenly reunion with this heavenborn friend.

Joy, observing the loving boldness of those ministering.

Joy, bubbling up from the streams of living water within.

Joy, feeling the prayers & support of so many dear ones.

Joy, experiencing love as a verb in countless actions & words.

Joy, walking this tragic path with inspiring Christ followers.

If I could trade this joy for that precious boy, you know I would.  But - trusting God's providence & receiving His grace - I'll accept this joy as a gift.  My gift.  One among so many from this child, our heavenborn friend. He has changed us.  Forever.

He has shown me real, uncircumstantial, divinely given joy.