Initials?  Someone's, I am sure.

Acronym?  Yes.

What does it mean, then?

Does it mean, "Pretty Registered Nurse"?  No.  I have one at my house. But, no, that is not what it means.

How about, "Purple Registered Nurse"?  Some wear purple scrubs you know.  Nice try, but it has nothing to do with Registered Nurses no matter the "P" that come first.

PRN is an acronym for the Latin phrase "Pro re nata."

It literally means "in the circumstances" & is commonly translated "as needed."  Medical professionals - like the pretty Registered Nurse I am married to - use it most often for medications to be taken or applied as needed.

It's nice to have the meds you need available PRN, but I wonder, how many of us only relate to God PRN?