Following Faithfully

Have you ever complained to God?

Sure you have.

Have you ever asked Him why?

You are human.

Have you ever questioned His character or plan?

Most probably.

Habakkuk does. And he gives us an example of how to have a conversation with God that is honest. Straight up. Even confrontational.

God is big enough for any question you have. God is big enough for you to give Him your best shot, your worst day, your biggest challenge, your greatest need, your deepest heartache. Your disgust, your discouragement, your distress. God can handle it.

Go for it. 

If you need to that is.

Go for it. Let God know how you really feel. And maybe in your getting real, letting down the “I’m fine” facade, you’ll be more open to His reply & intervention. 

Read Habakkuk and see how its done. Habakkuk comes to God on behalf of the people of Judah with two big questions. Really complaints recorded in 1:1-4 & 1:12-17. God’s first answer in 1:5-11 that He will punish Judah. Not encouraging to Habakkuk since it would come at the hands of the ruthless Babylonians. God answers the second complaint in 2:2-20 with comfort. His response will come. It will come in God’s time. “Though it linger, wait for it,” states 2:3. Because “the LORD is in His holy temple; let all the earth be silent before Him.” 

God is saying to Judah 2600 years what Frank Gaebelein says to Christ followers today, “The Lord Jesus Christ is not only necessary; he is enough. If we have him, we have all, potentially and actually.”

Habakkuk 3 is a psalm of praise. From complaints and rightfully so in chapters one & two, to praise of God’s greatness once He honestly offered his complaints to God is where Habakkuk goes in just 56 total verses.  

The Minor Prophet Habakkuk can teach us some major stuff.

Follow faithfully. No matter your circumstances.

Trust God. Even when you fail to understand Him. 

Stand firm. God enables you anywhere. 

The righteous will live by faith.

Have faith. Follow Jesus.

What do you need to be honest with God about?

Where can God strengthen your faith?

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