He Knows It

Kind spirit. Broad heart. Discerning mind. Middle aged. Mentally ill. Robert we'll call him.

Robert was passed through school even though he could hardly read. And he knows it. He is on disability because he can't hold down a regular job due to his mental illness. And he knows it. He has few friends because of the way his good nature has been taken advantage of. And he knows it. He is a follower of Christ because he needed salvation from his sin. And he knows it. He has much of the Bible memorized in order to make better choices and show his love for God. And he knows it. Yet he is not a member of a local church because most Christians treat him judge him as lacking. And he knows it.

He knows he is judged. Measured as less than. Considered dependant. And he knows it.


By no fault of his own. Robert didn't choose mental illness. Who would choose such a life? He didn't. But it is his life.

As a Christ follower, I comforted and counseled Robert, while I boiled on the inside at the treatment of this dear man by so-called Christians. I want to scream to anyone listening: This is not right! He may not be who you think he should be, but he is a wonderful man! 

Robert had no harsh word for anyone. He simply stated his experience with people. Especially church people. And he used only one phrase that might sound negative. That is, if it applies to you. He said that people with jobs, particularly church people, can be so "self righteous." Just because they have a job and he doesn't, they see themselves as better than him. How does he know? Because they have told him so.

Are you a disheartened Robert? Are you a judging self-righteous? Are you an apathetic in between? Or are you a Christ follower that will meet people—every single one created in God's image—where they are at, as they are, and accept them with no self-righteousness?

Robert has been judged for who he is not. He has not been accepted for who he is.

If you are a Robert: The expectations of others do not define who you are. God alone counts.

If you are Self-righteous: You are not better than anyone due to anything. God alone judges.

What would God say of your attitude, Dear Reader? 

He knows it.

Your attitude should be the same as that of Christ Jesus.—Philippians 2:5


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