99 44/100%

Ninety nine and forty four one hundredths pure.


We like the idea.

Clean. Fresh. Real. Simple. Virtuous. Upright. Good.


Ninety nine and forty four one hundredths pure? Not me. Not on my own.

I need purity imputed, righteousness received.

But how?

How does a person who is sinful and impure by nature become pure?

Authority. I am not God. You're not either. We can not conquer sin alone. We need power beyond our performance and authority beyond our ability. Purity starts with submission to God's authority.

Humility. Submission is an act of humility. Without which when continually striving on our own we will continually fall. Into sin. Purity grows where pride is pruned by humility.

Accountability. You can not do it on your own. Humility knows even with Holy Spirit empowerment, you still need external, flesh and blood accountability. Purity flourishes through shared accountability.

Need purity? Struggling with a secret sin? Debt? Pornography? Gluttony? Gambling? Jealousy? Judgmentalism? Anger? Worry? Adultery? Gossip? Fill-in-the-blank-thing-you-want-to-keep-hidden?

Be bold enough to submit to God's authority.

Be vulnerable enough to exercise humility.

Be courageous enough to engage in accountability.

Your purity is supernatural. It's a gift from God. Stop giving in to temptation. Forget the Deceiver's lies. Confess. Repent. And receive your gift of purity. 

Create in me a pure heart, O God, and renew a steadfast spirit within me. Psalm 51:10

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