I wear my hair relatively short. The same style for years. In addition to short, it’s been thinning too. And, although my hair is relatively trained, I still need a to use a hairbrush so it doesn’t look too disheveled. 

My hairbrush. For my short hair. In my drawer. In my bathroom. Just for me. Mine.

Since it’s my brush, I don’t have the habit of looking at it before lifting it to my head. I just use it.

Recently, however, strange hair has been showing up in my brush. I never notice it until I feel all those stray, foreign invader hairs brush against my own no hair ever touches it ear. Agh! 

This strange hair is long. And it’s auburn. For some reason or another my dear daughter—the brown-eyed, auburn-haired princess she is—has been using my hairbrush.

Householder 1 (6).jpg

To some of you who wear long hair or have think hair, having hair all hanging out of your hairbrush all the time, this hair in the brush business is just life. But for this fella it’s been a bit of a shock.

Agh! There is hair in my brush! That just feels weird. How do other folks even stand it?

Those are the thoughts that roll through my mind each time I lower the brush from my head and pull all the auburn hair out. But I don’t holler at my sweet daughter. I haven’t even told her not to use my brush. No, I smile. And I thank God for entrusting to me such an amazing young lady. Growing in grace and spirit, intelligent and witty; she humbles me.

Children are a gift from the Lord;

they are a reward from him.

—Psalm 127:3

I could go on and on about her. And then I could get started on my boys. If you are a parent, no doubt you could do the same. What blessings our kids are! Gifts. Rewards. Let’s treasure them. No matter their hair in your brush or their stinky feet or their anything else annoying or difficult. Be thankful that you have them hair and feet and all! 

By the way, next time you see her—my precious, auburn-haired princess—please don’t tell her you read this. Just smile at her. Like I do. And, like me, be thankful to God for entrusting her to us. Be thankful for every child God has allowed in your life. Learn from them. They are a gifts. Even if they do you use your hairbrush.