Death to PCs

Don't read me wrong.  Not people of the politically correct stripe.  I love people.  Personsal computers not so much.

Would you like to know why I make this bold declaration of death to PCs?

Just now: I had my brand new MacBook Pro installing it's final updates in the middle of my desk.

Simultaneously I was completing a new blog post about temptation on my desktop PC.  Then my PC crashed.

There is always autosave, right?

When it works.

It didn't.

And I lost it.

My post.

My patience.

How ironic.  Just about to leave PCs forever and my PC had to kick me in the backside on the way out the door.  Bitter.  Sad.  Irony.

Death to PCs.

I'm Aaron Householder.  And I'm a Mac.