Traffic Light

Pine Lake.

Old Cheney.

Highway 2.






Every cross street.

With a traffic light.

On my way to work.

Where I stopped.

This morning.





Gave me time to think.

How often, when I wanna zoom through life my foot on the pedal going my direction with no plans but my own in mind, does God have a traffic light?





Psalm 139:16 says, "All the days ordained for me were written in your book before one of them came to be."

God created you.  He knows you.  He loves you.

Seek Him.  Trust Him.  He will answer.

Next time the traffic light of life turns red, don't speak out in frustration, don't tap the steering wheel in impatience, and certainly don't run it, but stop to ask God what He wants you to know.



Our four year old - the Loving Linebacker - is growing bigger & acting stouter all the time.  Rough & tumble one moment. Gentle & loving the next.

Attempting to ready him for sleep last night I said, "Let's lay on your bed & read a book."  Knowing that he loves to be self-determined I added, "You choose one."

And, since he wants to be a paleontologist, I should not have been surprised by his choice: Ferocious Dinosaurs!  It even has sound.  Roaaaar!  I read softly & slowly attempting to mellow the beast beside me.  Yet he was so excited, he couldn't lay down, but sat & bounced beside me.  Peppering me with questions. Animated at the prospect of enormous creatures eating gargantuan plants.  And one another.  Rough & tumble.

Book complete, however, he laid his head on my chest.  Gentle & loving.

I whispered slowly, awe voiced, "Lay still. What do you hear?"

He whispered back, still as he could be, "I hear thumping."

"That's Daddy's heartbeat. God makes it beat.  It makes me alive."

I received a still, soft, "Uh-huh."  He lay motionless.  Listening.

Still whispering I asked, "Do you know what it says?"  Speaking to the rhythm of my heart, "Thump-thump, thump-thump, says, I love, John Mark. I love, Mama. I love, Mary.  I love, Sethy. I love, John Mark."

And then I prayed.  With my son's ear planted still.  On my chest.  I prayed.  Of thanksgiving, of praise, of protection, of wisdom.  And love.

O, how a father loves.

O, how much more our Heavenly Father loves.

God, so loved... you.

But God demonstrates his own love... to you.

You are the heartbeat of our Heavenly Father.

Share a comment - praise, prayer, thanks - as you choose.

Root Beer Float

JM, my four year old with a sometimes teenage appetite, says to me tonight:

Daddy, I wanna root beer float.

That'd be good JM, but we don't have any root beer or ice cream.

Can I have an orange float then?

That'd be good too, but we don't have any orange soda & we still don't have any ice cream.

Can I just have some ice cream?

JM, we didn't have any ice cream before & we still don't have any.  How 'bout a banana or an apple?  We have those.

How many times have I asked God for something and he's going:


It's not a possibility.

The ingredients aren't available for you right now.

And, even if they were, that item is not on your menu.

God delights in giving good gifts to his children.  He is sovereign.  He wants us to ask Him all things in prayer. All things.  So much more than we self sufficient, pride drunk people usually do.

Yet.  Next time I ask God for something.

I'll remember a root beer float.


Leave a comment of when you asked God for one thing & got something different, & better, in your life.

Silly Band


A single silly band.

Generally observed on the forearms of children as clingy colorful incongruous groups.

Yet this is MY silly band.  And I am an adult.  Most of the time.

Furthermore, this is a special silly band.  Shaped like Cowboy Woody.  The pull-string hero from the Toy Story trilogy.  A “gift” from my youngest.  Fun loving four year old.  JM the rough houser.  He got it at Christmas in a 20 pack.

Cousins Christmas crazy.  Aunts & Uncles laughing.  This special silly band fell at my feet as the rough houser ripped into the package.

“JM, can I have this one?”

“No, it’s mine.”

“But, buddy, you’ve got 19 more.  Right there.  This one is Woody.  I like Woody.”

“It’s my Woody.  Give it to me.”

“JM, Daddy can have just this one.  You can share.”

Before we could further debate, my sharp Bride, his sweet Mama, saved me by giving him another present.

You’re thinking: You kept it?  You wear it?

You’re right.  I kept it.  Wear it every day. 


In the late Christmas night quiet, readying for bed, I discovered it still on my arm.  And the Holy Spirit spoke. It was as if God said to me...

Now you know how I feel.

You gave your son 20 silly bands & he wouldn't give you just one back.

Everything that you call yours is a gift from me.

Yet you live in pride as if it's all your own creation.  You say you know me, follow me, & trust me, yet you deny me by your actions & attitudes.

When I ask for a tithe.  A tenth.  A tenth of your time, talents, & treasures.  Remember the silly band.

You love your son.  You gave him silly bands.  

I love you.  I give you everything.

Love Well

Have you ever wondered why God allows things to go on like He does?

Why do bad things happen to good people?

Why the suffering of innocents all around us?

If God is real, loving, & powerful, why does He allow all this mess?

Why do some appear so blessed & others accursed?

When I look around the world.  When I stop to count my blessings.  When I seek to name all I can give thanks for.  I am staggered of just how blessed I am.  That God chose me.  That God loves me.  Due to no good on my own, but His sovereignty.

In response I feel a responsibility to do something.  To be something.  To love in a God powered, other centered, self sacrificing way.  To be like.  To love like.  Jesus.

Steve Saccone writes (Relational Intelligence p.18, italics added):

(God) could have chosen to give us extraordinary powers to heal the sick or help the paralyzed walk.  He could have given us the ability to bring sight to the blind, or even given us the ability to coerce people to believe in God.  He could have told us how to become super human in our talent or intellect.  But instead of teaching us to be loudest with our voices, Jesus invited us to be abundantly free with our love.  He didn't admonish us to dominate with power, but to bend a knee and serve others.  He didn't indulge the part of us that wants to rule, but instead appealed to our hearts & invited us to love well.  He didn't command us to force our opinion of truth on others, but to live out His truth with love in our lives.

As you celebrate Thanksgiving.  As you count your blessings.  Hear God's appeal to your heart.

Accept His invitation.

Love Him.

Love others.

Love well.