More Than Too Much

You do not meet John Mark.

You experience him.

He's the silly one.  On the left.

My son.  Almost five.

Wants a daily wrestle with Dad.

Hugs his siblings hard enough to make 'em beg.

Too raucous for his Mama sometimes.  I get the earful.

The boy is rough as a corncob.

Guaranteed 100% cob action.

He plays hard.


He loves hard too.

The tenderest lionheart you'd ever meet.

And in those moments he says things that make you love him even more.

Said to his Mama recently, "Sometimes I love you too much, Mama. God loves me even more than that. Right?"

"Yes, God loves you even more than that," she replied.

I love my boy.  My love can't compare however.

God loves me - and you - more.

I pray you know that love & feel it right now.  If not, drop me a note.  Let me pray for you.  Let me tell you how. God loves you.

More than too much.