Crunchy Mouth

We're eating our super sale price purchased Little Debbie snacks for a fun, little dessert after lunch today. John Mark eats... or inhales... his Honey Bun before Melanie has opened her Nutty Bar wrapper. Being the Linebacker Toddler he is. Not afraid to ask. Not up on all his manners. Determined. Hungry. Answering his stomach's call. He begins to ask. Possibly whine. Wanting his Mama's Nutty Bars. Both of them.
Melanie kindly offers one.
"John Mark," trying to teach thankfulness & encourage contentedness, "what should you say?" I ask.
His crunchy mouth reply, "Give me the other one."
If it wasn't so funny to us, we'd have cried.
If it wasn't so true of us, we'd have scolded.
One Nutty Bar does not a glutton make. But "the other one" does a glutton illustrate.
Gluttony is the sin of too little & not enough. Always more. Rarely content. Appetite long. Patience short. Gluttony is not only about the stomach. But the wallet. The calendar. The toys. The stuff. The mind. It is control. Yet it controls. Gluttony is the sin elephant in the room of every Christ follower.
Give me the other one.
Out of the mouth of a babe. The first not fully in the mouth of the babe.
Am I a babe?
With a crunchy mouth reply?