Lima Beans, Bananas, & Oompa Loompas

Lima Beans, bananas, & Oompa Loompas.

What do these three terribly random things have in common?

One evening.

At my house.

This evening.

Picking through his mixed veggies at supper, my four year old son adds to the milieu of conversation, "Lima beans will break my heart."  You can't make this stuff up.

Choosing a snack later in the eveving when offered homemade cookies, my seven year old daughter asks, "Daddy, can you get a banana for me since I had cookies in my lunch?"  What planet did she come from?

Coloring pictures & chatting at the table just before bedtime, my ten year old son hits me up with a quizzical riddle, "What do automobile dealers & Oompa Loompas have in common?"  He rescued me from answering, telling me he just made it up.

Three children.

Three random statements.

Three slices of life.

One Daddy.

One Daddy who loves these kiddos more than life itself.  So blessed to call them his.  So graced to share them with an amazing wife.  To have them on loan from God.  To be a steward of their precious souls.

Now I got one for you.

What's an Oompa Loompa got to do with Christ following parenting?


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