I Know

A Daddy directs his son, "Be careful on your bike ride."

The son responds, "I know."

Or a Daddy tells his son, "Put your backpack away."

And the son answers, "Yes, Sir."

Is the difference just manners?

More than manners, it is pride versus humility.

I know. Prideful. Aloof to snotty. Insolent to supercilious. And all the ugliness in between.

I know. Not good.

Yes, Sir. Humble. Courteous to submissive. Polite to self-effacing. And all the kindness in between.

Yes, Sir. Good.

I'll remind myself this difference the next time the Lord Jesus speaks to me & I say, "I know."

"I know, Jesus. You are God's son. You are the Creator. You are Savior. But, me, I go this. No need for any help from you. And, although your ideas are nice, I prefer to do this my way. I got it figured out. Really."

I'll remind myself to say, "Yes, Lord."

So much better.