Root Beer Float

JM, my four year old with a sometimes teenage appetite, says to me tonight:

Daddy, I wanna root beer float.

That'd be good JM, but we don't have any root beer or ice cream.

Can I have an orange float then?

That'd be good too, but we don't have any orange soda & we still don't have any ice cream.

Can I just have some ice cream?

JM, we didn't have any ice cream before & we still don't have any.  How 'bout a banana or an apple?  We have those.

How many times have I asked God for something and he's going:


It's not a possibility.

The ingredients aren't available for you right now.

And, even if they were, that item is not on your menu.

God delights in giving good gifts to his children.  He is sovereign.  He wants us to ask Him all things in prayer. All things.  So much more than we self sufficient, pride drunk people usually do.

Yet.  Next time I ask God for something.

I'll remember a root beer float.


Leave a comment of when you asked God for one thing & got something different, & better, in your life.