My youngest is trying to make sense of the world around.  Building constructs of the bigger reality he is yet to know from the smaller home/family/church/neighborhood reality he does know.  All this with just 3.5 years experience behind him.

Hurricanes were one of our many topics together this morning.  He has his very own beginning reader tornado book.  He loves it.  100% boy.  Linebacker toddler.  Rough & tumble.  Known to leave a path of destruction.  And now big brother has natural disaster book loaded with pictures.  Including hurricanes.  It spurred a previous this week JM question, "Why is everything in that book messed up?"

With his thoughts tempestuously swirling I am assailed as rapidly as gail force winds.

Are hurricanes bigger than tornadoes?

How did they get to be so big?

Why are hurricanes on the water?

What is the ocean?

Why is the ocean big?

I am trying to use things he knows to explain what he doesn't.  The world is so big & his view of it yet so small.  I wonder how, if at all, he is processing this.  His wheels continue turning out questions as fast as I can answer. Then a transition.

Can a gun stop a hurricane?

Could a bullet stop it?

Two bullets?

Some really big gun bullets?

Then the biggest hurricane stopper he could imagine.

What about a humongous, humongous puncher thing like on WIPEOUT?

No, JM, there is nothing big enough to stop a hurricane.  Nothing man can make.  Nothing man can do.  No gun. No hollercopter.  No puncher thingy.  Only God is big enough.  Only God can stop a hurricane.  That is one more reason we worship Him & pray to Him.

Strangely stymied, JM fell silent.  Calm after the storm.  Thoughts now raging within his Daddy.

I say God is bigger than anything.

Stronger than anything.

Yet, do I trust Him with everything?

How much do I do on my own because I don't think God can handle it?

Or that I do not want God to handle?

I say, "God is bigger," to my small son, but do I truly trust the Bigger God with my adult life?

Or, so small minded, have I made my own will the bigger god?