This Wednesday morning our rough & tumble four year old, John Mark, was ready for his first day of preschool.  Ever.  Big brother & big sister had already left for elementary school.  In fifth & second grades, they were old pros.  And, besides, they'd started school last week.  Now for three afternoons a week at three hours each he'd be in school too.  He was so excited.

He ate breakfast with purpose.

He got dressed without delay.

He was ready for the day.

Then he asked his Mama, "When do I get to go to preschool?"

"After lunch, John Mark."

"Can we eat lunch now?," he queried.

As adults we know that my wife meant four hours later.  As a kid he was ready to move the hands of time. Whatever it took to get to preschool sooner was whatever he was willing to do.  Two meals in a row not being too much.

What do we look forward to so much that we'd speed up time?

Eat a second meal when we are already full from the first?

Do we anticipate anything like that?

It is Sunday afternoon now.  We had an amazing worship service this morning.  I am so thankful for God's presence.  For the love of an amazing church family one for another.  I look forward to days like today.

Are we willing to move time to expereince God this way regularly?

Do we anticipate time alone with God so much that we'll do whatever it take?

Would we surrender our own desires to find God's?

Would that God would give us such divine anticipation.